first ever caption contest

Hullo team,

Because I want my blog to be as interactive as possible, I am starting a… CAPTION CONTEST!!!!!!!! Yes! A caption contest! But this caption contest has a new and exciting twist!! Each image will be dedicated to a very special ~*friend*~!! That’s right! My caption contest will be full of inside jokes!!

OK, so this first post is dedicated to Tania! Here is the picture!!!:

i added water
Who will win the first ever caption contest ??? ?

You probably know the drill off the top of your head. Post your caption in the comments, and I will pick my favourite one in a week, when I upload my next picture!!!! Have a happy week guys! Especially you, Tania!!!!

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15 thoughts on “first ever caption contest”

  1. Of course! The demon living under the LRC pool waits patiently as 3 innocent little girls dive (not jump!) into his deadly trap.

    Thanks for the post! Miss you!

  2. Some pools have a chemical that turns the water green when someone pees. This pool decided on a more drastic dissuasion.

  3. I have 3. Don’t be misled by their lameness, I actually tried really hard.

    “Don’t forget to tuck when you hit the small intestine!”

    “In typical noob fashion, Brent had filled the pool not with “water” but “cthulu”

    “Swallow end – No diving”

  4. ‘Billy was nervous for his first day at the pool. He had never eaten children whole before and wondered if he would be good at it.’

  5. 1) Lost Horizon.

    2) Pushing the edge, and into the envelope.

    3) Look what the black hole is about to suck in.

    4) Wholesome meal dropping from the sky.

    5) Look mom ! No ……….!!!!?????

  6. A) The charge of the Light Brigade…into the Valley of D arkness.

    B) Blissfully stepping into oblivion!

    C) …and in my hour of darkness….there will be an answer….

    D) Great springy suspension but no air brakes !

    E) Lateral thinking and plunging into a new paradigm?

    F) Plank (>) Plonck (V ) Planktom (*)

  7. “Tom Cruise’s adopted children, Isabella Jane and Connor Antony, were last seen here jumping into a pool with some sort of Scientological monster after reportedly questioning the whereabouts of Xanadu.”

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