snow kitty

A kitten came down from the sky,
from Heaven up above.
It fluttered slowly, slowly down
and fell into my glove.
Its fur was white, its mews so soft,
an angel in my grasp.
I tickled it beneath the chin
but soon I had to gasp…
for as I looked I came to see
I’d made a big mistake.
This was no cat! But a grotesque,
misshapen, wild snowflake.
Its points were mangled, bent and weird,
offending my poor soul.
It violated symmetry!
I threw it in a hole.
I watched it writhe, I watched it thaw,
that devil dressed in white.
Its shiny teeth gnashed up at me.
and tried to take a bite.
So take this as a warning fair
to save your precious pelt:
when kittens snow down from the sky,
don’t save them. Let them melt.

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      1. Your blog is helping me get through an extremely boring day at work and for that I thank you! Also, I guess I will ‘repost’ my facebook comment here with proper annotation.

        “‘Interesting … give me a few weeks to analyze it and I will come back with a 20 page paper on how it represents a true modernist interpretation of Emily Dickinson’s ‘A Coffin — is a small Domain.'”

        The endless facebook wit of Mr. A. D. S. Rodgers Esquire – A. D. S. Rodgers Esquire

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