my twin got married

How do I begin to describe Jessica?

We came into the world together, and it’s hard to pick one memory to share. But as I rolled through the movie of my life with her, I found a pattern.

In the darkest memories of my childhood, Jessica’s not there.

She’s not there when I’m biting other children, making fun of my classmates, or cheating on my Chinese test in second grade – as if her absence from these early scenes gave me an excuse to behave at my worst.

I like to imagine I’ve turned things around. Because at some point, I started asking myself: “What would Jessica do here?”, and I began to like my choices a whole lot more.

In other words, Jessica makes me a better person. And if you ask any of her classmates, colleagues, friends, or family, they’d all agree: Jessica makes the people around her better.

She says what she means and does what she says she’ll do. She listens without judgment and gives without expecting anything in return. She makes time and space in her life for the people she loves.

Anyone who’s spoken with her for five minutes knows that she’s magnetic, intelligent, hardworking, creative, curious, and funny.

But above all, she is kind.

Chris, congratulations! You’re now married to the best person I know.

I’m so happy Jessica met Chris. Her eyes sparkle when she talks about him – even when she’s complaining about him complaining about the mess she leaves in their apartment.

Early in their relationship, when Jess described Chris’s life in Ximu and showed me videos of him teaching a classroom of six-year-olds, I knew he had the patience, introspection, creativity, sense of humor, and, best of all, kindness to inspire Jessica to be better too.

And I think kindness multiplied is the best kind of kindness.

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